Since January 1st, 2015 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada or CIC) has initiated a new immigration program called Express Entry. Think of it as being like getting a job. Your online application to migrate to Canada gets placed in a pool with other candidates and evaluated according to a list of criteria. The top ranking candidates in each pool will then be invited to immigrate to Canada. This is a significant change in Canada’s immigration system and may very well affect how you apply for and whether you receive acceptance by CIC to move to Canada and embark on a new life.

Documents Required

  • 1) Proof of Education 2) Character doc
  • 3) IELTS Score card 4) Medical doc
  • 5) Employment doc 6) Marriage doc
  • 7) Income Proof 8) Passport Copies
  • 9) Airticket 10) Travel doc

How to Build your Express Entry Profile.

Remember that to complete your Express Entry online profile you will need the following:


Your Passport, NOC code job title, IELTS, ECA result, a copy of a written job offer from a Canadian employer, A copy of your provincial nomination, if you have been nominated; Your personal reference code from the Come to Canada tool (for example, JM1234567890).

Step 2

Use your MyCIC account number, your personal reference code. Begin to enter your personal information like work experience and education. Submit the Express Entry Profile you have created online. Remember to register with Job Bank as well.

Step 3

Skills possessed,Language ability,Work experience,Education and other factors.if you have a written job offer or nomination under the Provincial Nominee Program you will be granted additional points. Your employer will have to submit to a LMIA.

Step 4

Once you have filled out all the required fields, a personalized document checklist will be generated. You will need to make digital copies of the documents. You will then upload the documents along with your application. You must pay your fees, through a credit card.

Things to Remember

if your situation changes (you get a new job or change careers, you take a new language test with better results, you get married and have children, for example), then you must update your online profile at Express Entry as soon as possible. If, after a year of being in the pool, you do not get invited to come to Canada, then your Express Entry profile will expire. You must then re-submit your Express Entry profile with any updated information relevant to your profile, within 60 days of your expiry. If you meet the minimum entry criteria once more, you will receive a new personal reference code.

To improve your chances of ranking highly in your pool you should consider doing at least some of the following:

  • Secure a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.
  • Get in touch with Provinces and Territories .
  • Try to improve your language skills through courses.
  • Improve your work experience by taking on jobs .
  • Never give false information to dress-up your profile.