Islands for Investments Visa

It is truly unbelievable the islands such as Grenada, Antigua, Barbuda, St Kitts, St Lucia which were much of importance. Now gained the strength to employ their passports to US, UK, European Union, Schengen Area, Australia and Newzealand. Currently, these islands have gained much popularity than other islands located in Denmark, Scotland, Russia or even Madagascar. These islands provide many opportunities for work, life, education, professional studies, safe life and proper nutrition to all the people who enrol into investment visas. As, the 1st world nations have reinforced higher price tags on their passports, or permanent residency.

The 1st World nations who have imposed harsh visa conditions, living conditions and work conditions on qualified immigrants forgot to separate between skilled immigrants and asylum seekers. These policies have created a giant pool of job losses,non-education and poverty. Yet, these islands provide a lifeline to any person who is ready to take a small risk can get instant permanent residency leading to passport, that can help them to work for an indefinite period in the US, UK, Aus, NZ, and Canada.

Benefits of Getting Investment visa through these islands.

The effect can’t be seen, as once you subscribe to these islands investment visa policies, but the end sight or long sight will be much more effective. Dominica or Vanuatu does insist on staying for at least two months on the island before issuance of the native passport after investment. This is mainly for the background check for a small duration of time. But, in the long term, there are many benefits such as

  • It is one of the most easiest means to live permanently in 1st world nations.
  • Minimal Investment and maximum benefit for the future.
  • Entitlement to invest in realestate in the island and also in 1st world nation.
  • Qualify to get loans on 1st world nations.
  • It is the permanent home to 2nd passport where you can enjoy your life as well.

Pathways to Land into Canada, USA, UK, Newzealand and Australia via these islands

After receiving the 2nd passport from these islands, you can immediately book a place for either business, leisure, work, invest or buying property or any activity of your choice with that passport. The various pathways follow as

  • Purpose of investment on any 1st World Nations on any real estate.
  • Purpose of the study and later to continue work In 1st world nations.
  • Purpose of working for indefinite times without visa
  • Purpose of investing in any startup or unique customer experience in any 1st world nations.

What Islands are participating in these investment programs