Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy

Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy was established in the year 1916 and is located in the capital of Dnipropetrovsk state of Ukraine. It is counted among the few oldest medical colleges in Ukraine. At the time of it’s establishment DMA, Dnipropetrovsk began as an institute in 1916 and acquired State Academy status in 1920. With time and improvement, it acquired the status of Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy in 1994 before finally being know as Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy in 2015. Indian students comprise the majority of foreign students in university with other students being mostly from China, Afghanistan, Nepal, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya and many other countries. Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy works under the governance of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine & Ministry of Education & Science of Ukraine. The academy has recognition from WHO (World Health Organization) & MCI (Medical Council of India). The academy offers various medical programs at undergraduate, postgraduate & premedical levels to local Ukrainian as well as Indian students & is among the top medical universities in Ukraine. Indian students get equal opportunity to participate in research activities conducted by academy while their tenure of studying MBBS in Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy. Dnipropetrovsk National Medical Academy’s ranking hold significant importance and attracts huge number of Indian students every year..MBBS Fees Structure is

  • 1st Year Fee: USD 6,400/Rs4,48,000/-
  • 2nd-6th Year Fee/Year: USD 4,600/Rs 3,22,000/-
  • Total Course Fee: USD 29,400/ Rs 20,58,000/-
  • ******yearly fees includes tution fees, hostel accomodation & medical insurance cost too.

    Duration of Course

    6 years, Medium of Instruction is English

    Course wise structure at Dnipropetrvosk Medical Academy

    The teaching staff for MBBS in Dnipropetrvosk Medical Academy comprises of 600+ teachers with 100 doctors, 350 candidates of medicine, 3 members of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 1 Academician and  1 member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. These teachers have excellence in their individual fields of teaching and are highly proficient in teaching Indian students in English medium too. The total duration of MBBS in Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk is of 6 years (Exactly 5 years 8 months). During the first 3 years of MBBS course in English medium, full emphasis is given to teaching theoretical subjects. The last 3 years of MBBS course are solely dedicated towards imparting clinical and practical experience to students. This period of last 3 years involves numerous hospitals visits and interaction with local patients in government hospitals located in the city of Dnipro. The assessment of students is done by experienced doctors based on the diagnosis done by students and reports submitted by them. The total fees of MBBS in Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy is quite less as compared to other college’s MBBS fees in Ukraine. The academy has gained immense popularity in the past couple of years and hundreds on Indian students choose Dnipropetrovsk for MBBS admission in Ukraine.

    Dnipropetrvosk Medical Academy Hostels

    Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy hostels are located in very close vicinity of the main academy building. Separate hostels are allocated for foreign students who come to study MBBS in Dnipro, Ukraine. The hostels in which Indian students are provided accommodation have excellent infra structure and facilities in comparison to hostels which are allotted to local students of Ukraine. Dnipropetrovsk hostels are equipped with most modern facilities like CCTV surveillance, fire alarm safety systems and round the clock security. The rooms are available in 2 & 3 seater options which are allotted on first come first serve basis based on availability. Each room is pre-equipped with beds, bed sheets, pillows, study table, study chair, lamps, wardrobe, etc. before the arrival of new students every year. Additional facilities of reading hall, sports gym, internet cafe, laundry, etc. are located within the hostel premises. Indian mess has also been set up especially for students from India and they can enjoy Indian meals thrice a day i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available based on student’s choice. Boys and girls from India are provided accommodation on separate floors of hostel or in separate blocks. The academy organizes cultural and sports events every year in which all students can participate to showcase their talents and skills. With a large number of Indian students in Dnipro, Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi and Eid are also celebrated with joy and enthusiasm every year.

    Dnipropetrvosk Medical Academy Faculties

    Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy has the following medical faculties viz. faculty of general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, pre-medical (language course) & faculty of post graduate education. Till date, Dnipropetrovsk has trained more than 49,000 students in all faculties combined and at present approx. 4,500 students are enrolled in various courses at the academy. At present, more than 2,000 international students from different countries are studying MBBS in Dnipropetrovsk. The faculty of general medicine has most number of students from Ukraine as well as other countries for pursuing medical education in either Ukrainian or English medium. Indian students can also choose to continue post graduate education too at Dnipropetrovsk after successful completion of MBBS course. Just like the other renowned MBBS colleges in Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy also has various exchange programs with major medical universities in Europe. Foreign students can learn about new advancements in field of modern medicine through such programs. The total number of MBBS seats in English medium in Dnipropetrovsk are limited for each country (Including India) hence, eligible & interested students must apply well in time to secure a seat for studying MBBS in Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk.

    Dnipro City in Ukraine

    The city of Dnipropetrovsk (Aka. Dnipro) is the administrative capital of Dnipropetrovsk state of Ukraine. The city is located 400 kms. south east of the Kiev. Dnipro got it’s name from Dneper River which flows through the city. The city of Dnipro holds significant importance in business and politics of Ukraine. The city of Dnipropetrovsk is an educational hub with more than 15 higher education universities and Dnipropetovsk Medical Academy is just one of them, which has level IV accreditation from the government of Ukraine (Considered the highest for any university). A total of more than 55,000 foreign students are enrolled in these 15 higher education universities of city. The city is well connected to nearby major cities i.e. Kiev & Kharkiv through road, rail and air too. For transport within the city, trams, trolley buses, buses, taxis, vans are available at all times. Dnipropetrovsk experiences moderate winters with temperatures ranging between +5 to -6 degrees Celsius. The summers are pleasant with temperatures falling between +25 to +38 degrees Celsius. With so many Indian and foreign students in city, the local population is a friendly with foreigners and this creates a perfect balance between affordability, lifestyle and quality education for students to choose Dnipropetrovsk to study MBBS in Ukraine.

    Why to study MBBS in Dnipropetrvosk Medical Academy, Ukraine ?

    Some of useful facts which might make it easier for a student to decide about studying MBBS in Dnipropetrvosk Medical Academy are as mentioned below :

  • Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy is one of the oldest MBBS colleges in Ukraine that has been providing MBBS education to Indian students since several years and has been very successful at it.
  • The standard of MBBS education adopted and taught to Indian students in Dnipro is nothing less than top medical universities located in western part of the world and Europe.
  • The university has partnership and exchange programs with numerous reputed medical universities located in Europe and other parts of the world. These MBBS exchange programs can be utilized by Indian student studying MBBS in Dnipro too.
  • In addition to hundreds of Indian students, many students from other parts of the world also take MBBS admission in Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy every year and this provides an opportunity for Indian students to directly interact with them and learn new cultures.
  • The total MBBS fees in Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy is very less as compared to MBBS course in other parts of European countries which charge a hefty amount from Indian students.
  • Indian students studying MBBS in Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy get ample exposure to clinical classes as from 3rd year most of their classes are conducted in government hospitals located within the city and get to interact with patients and give their diagnosis.
  • Indian students who took MBBS admission in Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy and graduated from it have shown excellent results in not only MCI Screening Test (FMGE) but also in various other country’s licensing exams like USMLE, PLAB, NZREX, etc.
  • Hundreds of Indian students who became doctors from Dnipro are today practicing in India and other parts of the world which proves the quality of MBBS in Dnipro, Ukraine.
  • The total number of Indian students studying MBBS in Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy at present is more than 500 already, which gives a clear picture of the large community of Indians students studying here.
  • Indian students get the opportunity to participate in various research and scientific activities with senior professors and teachers during their MBBS in Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy.
  • Hostel accommodation is organized in such way that Indian boys and girls have separate floors or blocks. In addition to this, separate hostels for boys and girls are also available and can be chosen by Indian students, if required.
  • Indian mess is available for Indian students where all Indian cuisines are available and the food is also prepared by Indian cook so as to give the best food to students. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are also available.
  • Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy is a “National” level medical university for MBBS in Ukraine and holds the highest level of accreditation from Ukraine government which a university can attain.
  • As the native Ukrainian teachers in Dnipro have already been teaching Indian students MBBS in English medium since a long time, they are very fluent in English language and helps students to easily interact with teachers irrespective of any local language bar.
  • Indian students get the opportunity to take part in various co-curricular activities organized by university every year like sports, cultural events, talent events, etc.
  • The local people of Ukraine i.e. Ukrainians are very friendly and keen to interact with foreign students, especially Indian students and this leads to students leading a peaceful life during their MBBS in Dnipro, Ukraine.
  • The city of Dnipro in itself is one of the most beautiful and peaceful cities in Ukraine and this provides for a perfect atmosphere for Indian students to completely focus on their MBBS in Dnipro, Ukraine during their entire tenure of 6 years.