To ‘engineer’ literally means to “make things happen”. Engineering is about the design and production of useful products and services. Engineering know-how converts scientific knowledge into technology and then technology into successful innovation. The growing skill shortages across many fields of engineering are generating higher graduate salaries and other benefits for engineering graduates. Poland is known for its technical education and every year there are a huge number of students going to Poland to complete their technical studies. If you are willing to study engineering then Poland is one of the best choices that you can consider. Alongside having a great ecosystem the country has some of the best infrastructures when it comes to Technical Education like engineering. With a huge number of technical universities in Poland, there is a large mass of students from different parts of the world migrating to Poland to complete their Technical Education like engineering. The excellent quality education alongside providing great exposure to the student makes Technical Education in Poland, one of the best educations available in the world. Across the globe, there is a huge number of engineering students who are setting a benchmark in the field of Engineering. Poland emerges as one of the best places to study engineering. Poland offers great opportunities in terms of placement as there are a large number of international organizations coming to Poland every year to look for fresh talents. Universities like the Warsaw University of Technology are rated among the top universities in the world. Affordable fees structure and the economic cost of living is one of the reasons why students from India go to Poland to complete their higher studies like engineering. Poland is known for exquisite engineers. Engineering studies in Poland offer good quality for reasonable price. On this website we present offer of 12 best Polish technical universities – all together 187 full programmes (Bachelor, Master and Doctoral) taught in English. Take a look. Compare. Contact chosen university directly and ask your questions.

Come to Poland, where the greatest engineers come from!


  1. AGH University of Science and Technology.
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  3. Cracow University of Technology.
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  5. Czestochowa University of Technology.
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  7. Gdansk University of Technology.
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  9. Lodz University of Technology.
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  11. Lublin University of Technology.
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  13. Opole University of Technology.
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  15. Poznan University of Technology.
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  17. Warsaw University of Technology
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  19. Wrocław University of Science and Technology
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Bachelor of Engineering

Range of bachelor’s degree programmes in the field of Engineering is offered by the various universities of Poland. Mentioned below is the list of the Bachelor degrees programme offered by Poland universities:

  1. Aerospace engineering.
  2. Agriculture and forests engineering.
  3. Architect engineering and urban planning.
  4. Robotics and automation engineering.
  5. Biomedical engineering.
  6. Environmental engineering.
  7. Civil engineering.
  8. Computer Engineering.
  9. Electrical engineering.
  10. Engineering in information technology.
  11. Engineering in power.
  12. Mechanical engineering.
  13. Engineering in oil and gas.
  14. Computational mechanics engineering.
  15. Machine designs.
  16. Thermal Power Systems engineering.
  17. Roadways engineering.
  18. Transportation management in engineering.
  19. Supply chain management engineering.
  20. Biotechnology.
  21. Optics.
  22. Technological process engineering.
  23. Technology management.
  24. Mechatronics engineering .
  25. Structural Engineering.
  26. Telecommunication.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for starting bachelor of engineering in Poland are as follows:

  1. 11 years of formal education needs to be completed by the student seeking admission to any engineering course.
  2. Passport and Visa application should be there with the student.
  3. Certificate of school leaving is one of the mandatory certificates that the student needs to hold .
  4. Student needs to have approved university form which is duly filled .
  5. Medical certificate of the students stating the fact that the student is in a good health condition is mandatory.
  6. The student needs to have health insurance from a valid and recognized organization.

Tution Fees

The cost varies from University to University however the average cost of completing bachelor degrees in engineering is around 2000 Euro while the completion of master degree or PhD in the field of Engineering would cost around 3000 Euro.

  • 1st Year Fee: euro 1,850/-
  • 2nd-6th Year Fee/Year: euro 2,400/-
  • Total Course Fee: euro 10,000/-
  • ******yearly fees includes tution fees, hostel accomodation & medical insurance cost too.

    Duration of Course

    4 years for Bachelors, Medium of Instruction is English. 2 Years for Masters, Medium of Instruction is English.

    Living Cost at Poland.

    Poland is one of the countries in Europe where the cost of living is comparatively low. Students belonging to low-income families can also afford to study in Poland. The average cost of living in Poland ranges between 450 Euros to 600 euros per month. However, if you are willing to stay in the big cities of Poland then the cost of living would be around 600 Euros to 800 euros per month.

    Intakes for Engineering in Poland

    Every year there is a huge number of application forms being received by the universities of Poland. This is the indication of the fact that the engineering courses in Poland are much in demand. However, every University has limited seats. The intake capacity of the student is dependent on the university which varies. However, the student is suggested to apply for the programme as soon as the admission opens to ensure the fact that the enrollment process is easy and smooth.

    Visa Requirement

    1. For a student of European origin, the visa is not required to study in Poland however the student needs to apply for a stay permit in the circumstances where the student is willing to stay more than 3 months.
    2. For the foreign students including Indian the visa is mandatory for studying in Poland.
    3. The student can apply for the visa from the authorized polish embassies in their countries.
    4. However, the stay permit rules for staying more than 3 months in Poland are equally applicable to the non-European students.
    5. A student needs to apply for the stay permit in the circumstances where the student is willing to stay for more than 3 months in the country.

    Application Process for engineering in poland.

    The application processes to study in Poland are as follows:

    1. Find a Study Programme: One of the most important parts of the application process is to select the right programme. When it comes to engineering in Poland, there are a huge number of programmes available so it is suggested to the students to go through the syllabus and find out the best programme suitable for them.
    2. Meet All Requirements: Certain requirements need to be fulfilled by the students to study in Poland. One of the basic requirements is to complete the elementary studies from the native country. The student needs to have the school leaving certificate with them to apply to the universities of Poland. The student also needs to apply for a Resident permit in Poland to ensure the fact that they stay in Poland is smooth and hassle-free. Alongside it is also important that the student has the proper Health Insurance certificate from a recognized organization.
    3. Learn The Polish Language: Though it is not mandatory that a student applying for the university in Poland needs to learn the polish language but knowing the language of the basics of it would help in easy communication in the land.
    4. Find Financial Resources: Students belonging to below income group can avail benefits which include free meals, living benefits and various other social benefits. Physically challenged also various social benefits in the universities of Poland. Thus, it is essential that the availability of all the financial resources figured out by the students before applying in the university.
    5. Apply For Admission: Once the decision about the engineering programme is taken by the students the student must apply for the university. Student can apply for universities in Poland through the online portals for the official website of the university. Documents can be sent to the university via email and all the documents will be verified by the University. After the verification process is complete University will send a letter of confirmation.
    6. Get Your Polish Student Visa: once the student received a letter of invitation, it is suggested that the student initiate the process of applying for Visa. Certain documents are needed for the application of visa for Poland.

    Part-Time jobs in Poland

    One of the advantages of studying in Poland is that the student can do part-time jobs while completing their studies. There are several paid and unpaid internships available in Poland which allows the student not only to get financial benefits but exposure to the job culture of Poland. The Jobs available for students are very simple. They can work as bartenders, waiters or caretakers. There are various other Jobs available in Poland that would help the student to earn extra money while studying.

    Some Interesting Facts About Poland

    1. Poland is situated in the western part of Europe. This country is situated on the Baltic Sea.
    2. This is the country which is surrounded by seven neighboring countries.
    3. Poland is known for its sandy beaches, hills and snow-capped mountains.
    4. The Carpathians and the Sudeten are the major mountain ranges of Poland.
    5. There are 1300 lakes in the country which includes some of the famous lakes like Oder and Vistula.
    6. The country is a land with vast Geography which is the reason why there is a diverse climate in the country.
    7. The winters are chilly and you may encounter snow falls during the winters alongside the summers are warm and rainy.
    8. The winters are chilly and you may encounter snow falls during the winters alongside the summers are warm and rainy.

    Why to study Study in Poland?

    Poland is one of the best places to complete higher education. This is a land with some of the prestigious colleges and universities of the world. Along with studying, Poland provides cultural diversity and the student gets exposed to different cultures and values that are useful for them in the later period of their career. One of the highly preferred countries in Europe to pursue engineering is Poland. There are several reasons why Poland is preferred as one of the best places to pursue higher education.

    Mentioned below are some of the highlighted reasons:

    • Poland is the land of the best academic institutions.
    • The cost of studying in Poland is comparatively lesser than the other parts of Europe.
    • The country has low crime rate.
    • It is safe for female and male students.
    • For the international students, the medium of instruction used in English. However, knowledge of Polish language is recommended.
    • Poland offers an enthusiastic and vibrant culture for the students.
    • Some of the universities in Poland offer a scholarship for non-EU students.
    • The quality of education is supreme and the facilities provided to the students are awesome.
    • Student life in the universities in Poland is exciting.
    • There are a good number of the students from India enrolled in the different field of engineering.
    • There are many engineering colleges offering great facilities including. Hygienic food, hostel accommodation, technical labs, internet, library, etc. to students studying engineering in Poland.
    • Cost of living in Poland is comparatively lower than the other parts of Europe.
    • Heartwarming polish culture and Hospitality is something that makes the foreign students comfortable.