Immigration Ultimate Job Services

We help individuals to get a job abroad while they are applying from their home country. The most convenient aspect of this service is that resumes of applicants are sent by Immigration Ultimate to employers who are in search of suitable profiles. We ensure that these resumes reach hundreds of employers and placement agencies by saving the applicants’ lot of legwork. Simultaneously, our Job Search Services team markets their profiles consistently. If employers evince interest in any candidate’s resume, an email is sent directly to that person’s inbox. Immigration Ultimate also intervenes by negotiating their salaries and other terms with overseas employers. It helps professionals by not intruding into their schedules and saving their time in the bargain. Immigration Ultimate uses cutting-edge technology and the talent of experienced HR professionals whose aim is to send resumes to matching job profiles and employers.

Resume Writing Services

We have an in-house team of experienced resume writers who make a convincing case on the behalf of the job applicants by presenting riveting resumes. Our result oriented services ensure that the applicants’ chances of working abroad increase significantly. This is ensured by our resume marketing, job search and process consultancy services.

How does working abroad impact your life and career?

These are some of the advantages of working abroad:

  • You will gain international work experience.
  • You will get better employment opportunities, better salaries, perks and chance for a better lifestyle.
  • You will acquire knowledge of local customs.
  • You will acquire knowledge of local customs.
  • You will become aware of the workplace dynamics of a different country.
  • You will get a chance to network and meet new people and make new friends.
  • What are the things you should do to get a job abraod?

    Once you have decided to go abroad for work, consider these factors- the place you want to work, how long you intend to stay, region or specific industry that you are interested in and the kind of work you wish to do. You should start your job search before you go abroad. Many countries require that you have a job offer in hand to qualify for a work visa/permit. Moreover, going abroad with a job offer in hand ensures that you do not spend your time and money searching for a job in a foreign country. Before you decide to move to another country, it is better that you get your work permit or work visa for that country. Find out about the work permit requirements for the country of your choice and whether the company that is hiring you will procure the work permit for you.

    Which are the best countries to look for International Jobs?

    Pre COVID 19 the nations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the US were a full promise of jobs. But, post-COVID 19 all the above-mentioned nations are full of coronavirus infection among their citizens. Therefore, post-COVID 19 the best nations to look for jobs and thrive are Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

    Job Service Process for Immigration Ultimate.

    There is a unique designed process for the job services, below mention is the process to apply for jobs for each category. Hence, please have a look at our step by step process of job services.

  • Fill up the information provided to you.
  • Once, done go to our services desk.
  • Our Employees will create a CV and a cover letter for you.
  • Our Employees will create a free website and a social media list for you.
  • We will market your CV to our overseas clients/vendors/recruiters for free.
  • Once selected we will keep you inform about the updates and future proceedings.
  • On the day of the interview, we will arrange skype meetings with our future clients.
  • Once, it is done, we will apply for visa and work document for further proceedings.