Job Visa/Work Visa

Every fiscal year (January 1st – December 31st), approximately 140,000,000 employment-based immigrant visas are made available to unskilled/semiskilled/skilled applicants who have been given a chance to work and live happily ever after. Under the provisions of the United Nations and Foreign labor and recruitment jurisdiction, developed countries give certain privileges to the workers from developing nations to develop their skills and work preferences. Employment-based immigrant visas are divided into five preference categories. Certain spouses and children may accompany or follow-to-join employment-based immigrants. When searching for a job as a skilled, semi-skilled, and non-skilled work visas, The Search expands the possibilities for qualified/semi-qualified/non-qualified professionals to come to work abroad. Now, it´s easier for workers with vocational, non-academic training from non-EU countries to migrate abroad in order to work. The current conditions for qualified professionals with university degrees will remain in place, with some relaxations of the rules. However, such, the demands for non-skilled and semi-skilled workers will always be a place in the world. So, Apply today!

Job Match For Work Permits.

Most nations encourage the workers to migrate through their specific skills suitable to their job market requirements. However, it was a myth and there is a long gap between Government Policies and Company Policies. Once, you immigrate under the category of Unskilled/SemiSkilled/Skilled Labour category, you can alter to any field of work you want to sustain for your life. For this global scenario most companies are actually looking for:

  • Skilled labours on Cybersecurity, Dronetech, Auxillary robots, datascientists, machine learning, algrothims, unsupervised learning tech, motion arrays tech and 6th generation rocket technology and IOTs.
  • Unskiled labours required on plantation fields.
  • Semi-skilled workers for shipyard, aerotarmac and warehouses.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Which Jobs attract more money?

Skilled Workers attract more money because they generate value to the nation they are immigrating to.

Yes, unskilled jobs are easy to migrate, however, there is no condition to work as unskilled labour for the rest of your life, you can show your talent in the skilled labour category as well. But, you need to migrate first.

We already are speaking European language i.e English. So as, rest of the europe, but if you want to get married to any European woman/man , the language is essential and mandatory. Otherwise, for work purposes, English work just fine and good.

How IU Can Help You?

Our Experts will help you to secure the job in your field through these following processes:

  • We create your social media profile.
  • We build your resume based on your credentials given.
  • Your resume will be marketed to our overseas clients.
  • A Skype Interview will be arranged for the interview.
  • We will assist you online for any technical difficultiy while you are on job.

Various Other Features for Job Visa/Work Permit

Processing Time

Processing times can range between 1 - 9 months on average. Pre Coronavirus 2020, most visa offices process the applications in under 3 months’ time. However, due to PRO CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 COVID-19 immigration authorities in Canada can no longer estimate processing times for work permits with any reasonable degree of accuracy. When we have more information regarding processing times, we will post it in a table below. Until then, assume at least 10 weeks or more for processing work permits.

Cost of Work permit

Only the Goverment Charges and Visa Processing fees are required.

Labour Market Fees

Only for Canada the client need to pay LMIA $1,000 extra.

Low Wages

No Low Wages are to be given to any labour for any such working contract. However, if the person wants more salary he has to be an expert.

Illegal Work

We encourage our workers to work as legal work from day 1 on postlanding in abroad.

Anytime customer support

We love our dearest clients anytime, we defiantly would love to assist them 24x7 on any job-related issues.